July 06, 2015

Email No. 25

Hello family! 

This week was one filled to the brim with miracles. I wanted to first let you know that Whelma did make an appearance at Papa John's lesson. She was crawling all over my head, Sister Maxwell's lap, and Papa John's chest/belly. Also, she always has this huge flock of male pigeons that follow her around everywhere and so they are referred to as "Whelma's boyfriends". It sounds like I make this stuff up. I promise I am not. It is real. 

We visited Sister Picott this past week and as usual her grandson Elijah (11) and her granddaughter Kira (4) were there. As we had dinner, Elijah and I talked about the usual stuff we talk about: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, books, Legos, Minecraft, etc. And he said to me, "You know Sister Sewell. I was thinking about it. And we are just so similar. How can two people be more alike than us?!" It was so funny. He cracks me up. 

We did go to the dentist on Wednesday to have Sister Maxwell's tooth extracted and so that was fun. Mom, you and her are twins! It was fun to go to the city again. 

Also, it rained a ton. But what is so cool is all the mist/ fog that comes. There are these huge fields and when it is cold and wet, the mist and fog just are over the fields and it creates one of the prettiest scenes ever. I love it up "heah" in Maine! 

As far as the 4th goes, we didn't do much. On the 3rd, the Dover Branch had its annual 4th of July breakfast which was fun. But on the 4th we just did service for one of the recent converts we teach, Toni. She has an old rock wall in her backyard so we helped her clean it out and make it pretty. Then we drove down to Charleston with the elders for coordination at Brother Bissell's. Then we tracted for the rest of the day, smelling BBQ. So for dinner that night, I cooked us up some chicken and made a salad. Our own version of a BBQ. :)

The main miracle that happened this week has to do with Belinda. We had our second lesson with her and she really opened up. It was so amazing to see the Spirit tell her things that she needed to do in order to be worthy to receive her temple recommend. Yesterday was her day to be interviewed to see if she was ready. Towards the end of Relief Society, the branch secretary came in and motioned for her to come out. We were sure that she was going to her interview. Well, Relief Society ended and we were one of the last few to leave and just as we were about to leave, we saw Belinda running in with tears streaming down her face. She threw her arms out and said, very shakily, "I did it! I did it! I have my temple recommend!" We ran over to her and we were all crying. We were hugging and holding each other's hands and telling her how proud we were. It was so incredible. She kept bearing testimony to us that she just knew that wearing the beautiful temple garments would protect her against temptation. It was truly one of the happiest I have ever seen someone.

That joy that Belinda felt it accessible to all. We truly can be cleansed from sin. We truly can feel the power of the infinite Atonement. "I know that my Redeemer lives. What comfort this sweet sentence gives." 

Sister Sewell 

District!!  Sister Maxwell, me! Sister McEldowney, Sister Craig, Elder Luker & Elder Christensen, Elder Bills, & (Grace's caption did not include the 4ht Elder's name :-/ )

Us with our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Frame & Sister Spangler

He he...


Uh.  I don't like pictures.

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