March 30, 2015

Email No. 11


Just kidding I don't speak spainish :)  Couple of things first!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! *confetti, balloons, kazoos, etc.*
Have a good one little sis :) 

So this week was lacking in events.. I will tell you why... later.... it involves mcnastiness. 

So first!!!! I have cool Mainer stories this week! So we were tracting on this hick town road and we drove up this ridiculously muddy door yard and we looked over and there was this donkey tied up to a tire! It was hilarious. So we went up to the door and invited her to learn and she said no, but then we said that we liked her donkey and she was said, "Yeah it is kind of white trash, but we got it for the kids and they named it Fajita-Rita." Haha oh, Maine.

Also, we were tracting on Saturday and we came to this house and this guy opened up, wasn't interested in learning, but told us he had taken the discussions years before. We talked to him for a few minutes then we left, but when we were getting into the car a 100 feet or so away we hear him come running out of his house and yell, "I watch BYU TV!!!!!!! I just really wanted to let you know that!!!" Then ran back inside. Holy smokes I couldn't stop laughing. It was so dang funny. 

In answer to one of my questions:
Yaaaaaa we go on road trips often. To get from the bottom of my area to the top, it takes over 2 hours. and there is not a single stop light in the whole thing :).

So nasty story time. So I went to bed on Tuesday, completely fine. I woke up at 3:30 am on Wednesday and then proceeded to throw up. I kept throwing up til 9 o' clock that morning. I threw up a total on 14 times. I lost 10 ish pounds that morning. It took me 2 hours to get ready. I kept falling asleep and throwing up. So the process was: get a tiny bit ready, violently throw up, then fall asleep because I was so exhausted from throwing up. Then that proceeded until I finally got ready. It was district meeting day and we were to car pool with the elders down to Newport, so when we go to their apartment, I asked for a blessing and I felt a tiny bit better. Just enough to get me kind of through the meeting. I was asked to be in charge of a part of the meeting and I do not remember a single thing I said. Must have been the Spirit :)  My district leader told me to go home and rest after district meeting. My body hurt so so bad. I thought that I had food poisoning until the body aches started. And then that night, Sister DellaSilva threw up a couple times, so we called the mission nurse and she said it was the flu. For the 36 hours that I was that sick I slept for 32 of them. I have not felt that terrible since I got pneumonia. It was rough... But we are better now :)

The mud here is ridiculous!!!!! Our car literally sunk.

But a definite high light of this week the General Women's Conference.  We watched it live on a little tv in the assembly room (equivalent to a chapel. Our building is so tiny you have to go through the chapel or rooms to get to the other side. hahah it is awesome :) ) It was really late though. It didn't start til 8pm.... And we live 30 minutes away from the church so we didn't get home til 10. I was TIRED!  And that is where we will watch general conference with the elders! Super fun!

I received so much inspiration and wish I could expound on everything that I learned, but I don't have time so I will list them :) 
  • When we are filled with the Spirit, we are able to withstand the temptations of the devil. We can be filled by simply reading our scriptures, praying individually and as a family, going to church to partake of the sacrament, and serving our fellowmen. 
  • God reveals to us EXACTLY what we need to see/hear/feel. We need never doubt this. 
  • defend the family of God. It is under attack and we need now, more than ever, to defend the principles God has set up for his children by living it. 
  • "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" will become the "bench mark" to our beliefs. 
  • "If it is the Lord's plan, it should also be our plan!"- we decided that it was our plan when we were baptized! You already made that decision and recommit to living according to His will every week when you partake of the sacrament.
The principles that God has set up is under attack and we need to do everything we can to defend it. We cannot waver and we cannot doubt. The Lord is in need of servants now more that ever. The call to "feed [His] sheep" needs to be our driving force each and everyday. The Lord needs us to live His teachings. "But Sister Sewell.... I am not a a full-time missionary. How can I possibly help feed His sheep when I am not on a mission?" LIVE HIS WORD. Defend His word. By simply being an example, you can show others the way Christ wants us to live. The light will pour out from your face and others will desire that for themselves. 

Keep the faith and live the good word of God. 

Sistah Sewell :)

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