April 06, 2015

Email No.12

Family! Sounds like you had a fantastic week!!!!!  I love hearing all about what you did :) I will for sure pray for Austen. Please please please give him a hello and get well from me. And keep me updated. That makes me  sad :( 

Holy Cow the time is FLYING BY!!!!!! It really freaks me out. This week was a really good one:)

So! First off! A miracle from this week! So Jackie moved to Monson (which is still in our branch boundries, but it is 50ish minutes away) so we can't really visit her all the time like we used to when she lived in Dover- Foxcroft (which is the town that the church is in). So we were in Dover last Monday and we were trying to figure out our week and so we texted Jackie asking when she was going to be in Dover again to visit her mother in law. She respoded right away saying that she was in Dover right then! Hand of the Lord! So we dropped in and had a lesson which went amazingly well. And we asked if she would be in Dover on Wednesday. She said she would so we planned on going in the middle of the day. So on Wednesday we were supposed to have district meeting in Dover in the morning, like we usually do, and when we got there our district leader told us that the Skowhegan sisters had thought that district meeting was in Newport that week (which is 45 minutes away) and so we had to wait for them to come up to Dover. So Sister DellaSilva and I decided to visit Jackie then instead of later. When we got there, she told us we had just caught her because she had to go to into Bangor that day and was leaving in 15 minutes. The Lord works in mysterious ways:)
So a fun story! So we were tracting in Corinth and we came up to this house which had this huge camo tank and then when we pulled up closer we saw a sheep and a goat with no ears!! So they trotted on over to us and the sheep started eating Sister DellaSilva's Book of Mormon and I made a joke and said it just wanted to "feast upon the word of God". Sister DellaSilva just rolled her eyes, but I was dying laughing. And then the goat with no ears started eating me so that was an experience. Not going to lie, it looked really freaky and I totally had a nightmare about the goat with no ears later that week.

 Me getting eating by the no-eared- goat.

Getting stuck in the mud!

The mud season is REAL. The mud here gets so so bad. We totally got stuck. It was about 8 inches in mud and the person who's dooryard we were in had to help us out by strategically maneuvering plywood. I will send pictures:)
We were blessed with two new investigators this week. So Sister DellaSilva and I felt inspired to set a goal this week to start teaching new people. And we planned to accomplish this goal by contacting our potentials. So we followed through with that plan. But contrary to what we thought, we actually received those two new investigators in a way that we did not expect. We were invited over to the branch president's home and his wife invited her brother and his wife over to have dinner. We taught them the Restoration and they accepted it really well. And they told us that they really wanted to be married for eternity. so. they are pretty much golden.
So General Conference. I have never felt so moved by any other conference. Did you feel the intensity? Did you hear the call of the Lord? The Lord is truly hastening His work. The days of passive discipleship and justification are through. The latter days are truly here. The family is being attacked and we cannot let up and we cannot fear. Three messages stood out to me: we need to be careful on the internet, we need to not fear, and we need to defend the family. Without fail, every talk lead up to those three things. What will root us in the gospel? the scriptures. Are really going to let the word of God gather dust on the shelf while we stand idly by, while our souls degrade to something far less than what Heavenly Father intended us to be? No! Pick up the scriptures. Now is the time. Repentance is real. We are truly a covenant people. Giving up is not an option. CLEAVE to your covenants.

Also, about president Uchtdorf's talk. I honestly leaned over to Sister Dellasilva and said, 'My family is either laughing or crying right now." And the elders that I serve with in the branch turned around and started laughing at me squirming in my chair. BUT here is what I learned. I love my name because it is a constant reminder of the Savior's Atonement. So thank you for my name :).
And I just realized I didn't send you the answers about easters!!! We actually ate at two members homes... in between sessions we went had ham and biscuits and rolls and this chick-pea salad with kale and then peas and mashed potatoes. and then later that day we had mashed potatoes and chicken and different vegatables. AND I ATE ABSOLUTELY NO DESSERTS. :):):):):):):)

Love, Sister Sewell 

Little town o' Milo. This picture is pretty much it:) 

Our library is so legit. I think it was built in 1900? Anyways this is the basement and the little stairway up to the main part. 

I don't think I have ever sent a picture of our tiny little chapel :) 

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