April 13, 2015

Email No. 13


This week was a little bit of a struggle, but out of it came TONS of miracles. I just love love love being a missionary. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

 ATTENTION: IT GOT UP TO 70 TODAY. I kid you not. I was/ is absolutely glorious. I love it. Also, it rained!!!!! No snow! Rain! Ah. It was awesome. 

As far as my week goes,today we headed down to Newport for District p-day (which is why I am emailing later) and we played ultimate frisbee with a football in th mud. It was so so fun!!! I loved it. I have a way legit district and was glad to spend sometime with them. We will be going on exchanges tonight and I will be in Bangor (the city ahhhhhhh so pumped!!!). Tomorrow we have a zone meeting, but since I will be on exchanges I won't be able to go to my own zone which makes me sad, but I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord! Also, our Sister Training Leader asked me to help train and teach at her zone meeting so that will be fun! So I will be in Bangor/ Old Town area til Wednesday night. Then Thursday, we (us and the Elders) will be having a dinner/ coordination meeting with the branch president and we will be having steak bomb pizza. AHHHH!!!!! 

So this week! Well we are meeting with this part member family. She is less active and he is not a member. They are in their 70s. So he, in the past just has not been open to the gospel, but he loves the missionaries. So we decided to read the title page and the introduction to the Book of Mormon with them and he was so involved in the lesson. It was absolutely incredible. And he said after the lesson, "Please don't give up on me. I am just not ready yet." It was truly a miracle. It is so cool to see people grow and learn. I love it. 

I had moose stew for the first time!!!! It was so stinking good. Holy cow. Or rather holy moose!!! It is such a good meat. Everyone should try it:) 

So we taught one of the couples that are investigating the church. They are also in their 70s (everybody is old here). They love Jesus Christ and "accept him as their Savior", they just really struggle with the priesthood. They don't really understand it and it holds them back from commiting to be baptized. So Sister DellaSilva and I felt inspired to explain what the priesthood is a little more. We read the talk "The Prepatory Priesthood" given by President Eyring and we asked a member of the branch presidency to come with us on the lesson. That was one of the most amazing lessons ever. The Spirit was just so strong and Brother Dow bore testimony of the priesthood and priesthood blessings and I was able to share some personal stories (the one where Tommy got really sick in the middle of the night) and they were jsut blown away and really touched by the Spirit. After the lesson, we felt that, although they probably didn't recognize it, they had made a decision to be baptized that lesson.

Another couple we taught, Brian and Cindy, was an amazing lesson. Brian is the brother of the branch president's wife and Cindy is Brian's wife. They are so amazing. So the thing that really got them interested is when they heard that they could be sealed together as a couple. So, this lesson (the second lesson) we taught the Plan of Salvation. They were so moved. Yesterday at church, President Sternal mentioned in Sacrament meeting how moved he was that thery were taking the discussions. He then pulled us aside after church and told us that Brian said that he was so excited and touched by what he was reading in the Book of Mormon. Brian has such a thrist for knowledge. And Cindy really wants to know more about baptism. President Sternal said that he and Sister Sternal are so moved that they even have interst in learning because they NEVER thought that anyone in their family would ever be interested in learning more about the gospel. I am so excited to see how they progress.

Also, I can't forget Hailie! We taught her some laws and ordinances and for some reason after we had taught all that we had planned to teach, we just felt like we weren't done. And then the most incredible thing happened. Both SIster DellaSIlva and I felt the Spirit come over us and we knew that we knew Hailie in the pre-mortal life. And we both bore testimony to how she was valient and courageous before this life. She just sat there and smiled. We then asked her why she wanted to be baptized. She said that she wanted to be baptized so that other people could be bapized. I have never met a more in tune with the Spirit 10 year old than her. She is absolutely amazing. When I told her that I probably only have a month and a half left here, she was so devasted. I will miss her dearly if I leave. She is such an example to me. 

I know this gospel is true. There is no doubt in my mind of its truthfulness. I promise that as we read our scriptures diligently, pray with faith, and attend our church meetings seeking for inspiration, we will be able to weather every storm and overcome every temptations. May we all go forward this next week with a stronger commitment to serve God and keep our covenants. 

Sistah Sewell 

There is random stuff all over the woods. Like this really old truck, for example.

Pretty Maine! The snow is leaving!

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