April 20, 2015

Email No. 14


Ok first off! HAPPY BIRFDAY NYAL!!!!!!

We love our Nyal!
We love our Nyaaaal!
We love our Nyal! 
Nyal Nyal Nyal!
Nyal, Nyal, Nyal, Nyaaaal!
Nyal likes to SMILE!

hahahhahh Hope you had I good one old man! :) 

Congrats Emma! I am happy for you! Drive Safe :) 

I actually didn't get the chance to help teach, but it was such an amazing meeting. I learned so much. I think I took over 4 pages of notes.... Holy inspiriation. I was so exhausted afterwards. I now know (very small) what Lehi felt like after he had his vision! Just kidding :) 

Tommy!!! Me and Sister DellaSilva are so so impressed!!! That is legit! You should send me one!!!!!!!! 

Well. I am still with Sister DellaSilva til... well I don't really know when. We just found out that transfer meeting was postponed til Wednesday. I do know that I am staying in Milo and remaining a junior companion. So we don't really know when we will head down to Manchester. But hopefully we will find out tonight! OH! And she says hi!!!! 

Ok! This week was nuts so let's get started!

As far as teaching appointments, only one really stands out to me. We had a lesson with Eddie and Susie. They have struggled with the priesthood and so we felt prompted to ask them if they wanted priesthood blessings. I can't write much about it, but I will say this: that event will forever be in my mind. It was so amazing. 

So we went on exchanges this week and I got to go to Old Town! It is not really a "city", but it is for Maine! I absolutely loved it and got to street contact for the frirst time. We met this guy named Rob, who is originally from Harlem. So he was the kind of people Elder Gallego runs into all the time. Anyways, he had these really cute dogs and we got talking to him for a while. He told us that he only believes in energy and that if there was a god it would be a woman. Anyways. I t was real interesting and I super loved talking to him. 

We also met with a less active named Judy. Holy cow I think I found my favorite person. So. We are encouraged/commanded to keep less active visits to 45 minutes. This visit went on for 4 hours. I have never in my life met someone who could talk as much as she could. People here in Maine LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk. You think I can talk forever? Yeah, I have NOTHING on these people. In that whole visit, I don't think I or Sister Frame said more than 10 sentences. She brought us out hot chocolate and cookies and fresh made bread and told us EVERYTHING. So when we hit the 3 hour mark, I was praying fervently to Heavenly Father trying to figure out what to do. But I kept getting the answer, "No. Don't leave. This is important." And I just didn't understand why it was important. So 30 minutes later, she looked at us and said, "I don't know why, but I feel so close to you. The things that I told you are things I only ever tell my best friends." It was so amazing. And in that instant I knew, I just KNEW, that I knew her before this life. Anyways. It was so so cool. 

Zone meeting was wonderful. I learned and grew so much and walked away so pumped up to apply the principles I learned to my area. I was with Sister Frame and it was so great. 

So we went to Jackie's yesterday and taught her one of the new member lessons. It was one of the coolest things in my life. The change in her is almost palpable. She is so full of the Spirit. And Joe, her less active husband, prayed at the end of the lesson. It was the second time her has ever prayed in front of us. I have never felt the Spirit so strong during a prayer. 

I had my first (and second haha) whoopie pie!!!!! Holy smokes. I love those things so much. We went out to dinner with Hailie, Claire and their grandmother and when I told Hailie that I never had a whoopie pie, her eyes bugged out and yelled, "WHAT???!!!!!!" So she made a decision to have whoopie pies at her baptism :) Oh how I love her. Speaking of which. We asked her again why she wants to go to the temple and she said it was so that she can get baptized for other people. Man, oh man Hailie is a special one. A very valiant one. 

Ok. I just love the grave yards. Here. They are so so legit. Some of them are over 200 years old. I want to just walk through them and look at each head stone. Man, they are so cool. So my area is so so boonie, so we can go about 30  minutes without seeing a single house. So on one of these drives, I looked to the side and I saw this incredibly old grave yard and all of them were no younger than 150 years old. I will have to take a picture of one sometime:) We have a really pretty one in Milo. 

So the mud season has hit its pinnacle. There is a sister in the branch who live truly in the middle of no where. And we had to call her for something. When she picked up, she sounded all out of breath and it sounded like she was outside. So we asked what she was doing. She said that she was hiking down the hill from her house because her car was at the bottom on the hill. She was trekking through mud that went up to her shins. It is bad up here.
Well. I just love being a missionary. Why? Because I get to talk about the things that are nearest and dearest to my heart all day, everyday. I get to feel the Spirit everyday and almost all the time. Even when I am worn out and just exhausted I am still happy. 

Here is what I know: The church is true. Jesus Christ is my Savior. I can live with my family forever through the sealing power. 

I love you all! 

Sistah Sewell :)  

Sister Rukszini (Hailie's grandmother), me, Hailie, Sisiter DellaSilva, and Claire (Hailie's older sister)

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