April 27, 2015

Email No. 15

Man oh man it sound like you had a wonderful week! So many cool miracles!!!! 

Well. We had a wonderful week! First week with my new companion. Sister Duncan!! She is from Ammon, Idaho and is super duper awesome. We get along really well and she geeks out with me about Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. It is awesome. She has been out 8 months, so no, she is not going home soon:) 

Transfers was nuts. We actually don't stay at the mission home for transfers. We wake up at 3ish and travel down. It is awesome. But the night before, we found out that transfers was postponed til a day later so we got new travel plans. We drove down to Farmingale, ME and then I met my new companion and said goodbye to Sister DellaSilva:( It was sad, but it is all good! 

Well I have some amazing tracting stories. One of them I will just have to write on paper because it is just so amazing. But one lady, Trelba, was so awesome. We knocked on her door and she didn't know there were girl missionaries so she kept lifting up our coats to see if we had on pants or skirts. And she said, "I don't want to talk religion, but girls, I got to tell you, tomorrow is my birthday and I am turning 94!" She was so proud of herself. SO we offered to come and sing happy birthday to her the next day. She wasn't there, but we left a little gift for her. 

We also started teaching an 88 year old woman, Rita. She has a total of 9 teeth. She is so sweet and just an absolute riot.

Hailie was baptized and confirmed this past week! She was absolutely beaming the whole time. We are planning on doing and Arizona/ Utah/ Idaho temple trip after she graduates from high school (8 years). So something to describe Hailie: he decided on her own that she would do family home evening and family scripture study in one of their rooms every night. She is just an incredible young girl. 

Well. I don't have a ton of stories and I feel bad, but I learned a lot about the Atonement. Some things that I learned: I was striving to understand how it is that God can "remember our sins no more." Because I was thinking, "Well, we He know our thoughts, and we think about the things that we have done wrong so how is it that He can forget them?" So I was thinking and studying and I realized that it was because the Atonement makes it so as though we had lived a perfect life. We don't need to worry about the things that we have done wrong because, if we have truly repented then, it makes it as though we hadn't even done that thing in the first place. I heard recently of a story about President Packer who was giving a talk to the general authorities and related a story where he said he was trying to remember the things that he has done more and he said that he couldn't even find a trace of his sins. I thought that was so amazing. 

May we all find the strength and courage to repent and then move away from our sins and "remember them no more." I love my Savior and I love the work of salvation that I get to be apart of every day. May we all become a little more closer to who God knows we can be. 

Sister Sewell 

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