February 23, 2015

Email No. 6

This week was a little bit of a struggle. We didn't have church last week so I wasn't able to partake of the sacrament. Let's just say that my testimony of the sacrament has grown EX-PO-NEN-TIALLY in the past week. But it is all good because I was able to partake of the sacrament yesterday, so all is well with the world :) 

It warmed up a bit this past week. Hahah we got out of the car and it was 20 F and we were like "Holy Cow it is so warm!!" So we were going around with just our blazers on. It was awesome. 

Fun story!! So we got to serve at the farm again on Saturday!!!! I stinking love the farm. We got to feed some couple days old calves and milk the cows. So. Milking the cows was a new experience. The way you do it is that the cows get ushered into (slapped into) these little rows and in between the rows, there is a little dipped down aisle that you step down into so you are at eye level with their udders. You dip there teets (how you spell it I have no idea) in this cleaning brown stuff, strip them (get the first part of the milk going), wipe off the teets with a paper towel and then use the suction-y apparatus thing to attach to their udders. So while I was doing this one cow decided that at that exact moment, she needed to rid herself of feces. Basically I got pooped on. On my face, in my hair, on my back. THEN. Another one was walking and started pooping and that splattered all over me. So that was awesome. And THEN another one I was getting ready, decided it was time to pee, but luckily I noticed the tail going up so I was able to get MOSTLY out of the way before too much damage was done. So that was awesome. I am currently washing all those clothes. It. Was. Awesome. 

Another cute story is about this little four year old girl named, Kira. We have gone over a couple times for dinner and even from the first night she just fell in love with us. She has a little bit of a lisp and she is incredibly energetic. So. What she does when she sees us is she gets all stiff and waves her hands at the same time and yells "THITHTA THEWELL!!!!!!!!!! THITHTA D!!!!!!!!!" (She can't say the whole "Dellasilva" hahahh ) Anyways she makes us happy. 

We got to teach sharing time yesterday. Because it is a branch, the resources are scarce. So the missionaries are often asked to help with such things. And that was a riot. Man I love primary.

On a little more spiritual note, I have learned even more to rely on Lord this week. As I mentioned earlier, It was a bit of a struggle. Sister Dellasilva and I tried our best to keep on keepin' on and to do all we can to serve the Lord. At times there was extreme discouragement, depression, or frustration. What I have come to know is that, as long as we are trying our best, the Lord will always make up the difference. Not only that but, as Brad Wilcox has said, the Lord "makes up ALL the difference." That is what is so special about the Atonement. It covers EVERYTHING. It is always there for us to use, we just need to be humble enough to use it. There is a quote from President Hinckley, and I can't remember it verbatim, but it basically says, "Think of the risk that Heavenly Father took when He called you!" I don't take that as that I am the scum of the earth or that I am worth nothing, but rather that the Lord knows that I am imperfect and so being the loving Heavenly Father He is, He provided a way for us to return to live with Him. And that is such a beautiful message that I have the privelge to share every. single. day. And we all can!! 

Which leads into another thing I wanted to talk about. MEMEBER MISSIONARY WORK. We need to do member missionary work. Everyone every where. Please read the October 2013 Ensign and all of it is said so perfectly in there.


I am feeling better. Which is super awesome. Jackie DID come to church!!!! But we did set a new date for her baptism. March 14th. I so so appreciate you praying  for them. I can see the results from it. Which is a huge blessing. 

I am so sorry you are feeling poorly mom. I will pray for you!!!

I am so excited for Emma!!!!!!! That makes me so so so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that girl. 

Well. The work is going forth here in Milo, Maine. And I love it. 

Keep on keepin' on!! The Lord is with you.

Go forth with unwearied diligence!  

Sistah Sewell

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