February 16, 2015

Email No. 5

Hola Familia!!!!

I don't see an email from you, but it is all good. You probably didn't think I would be able to email today...... BUT we asked a sister in the branch, Rosalee Dow, who is the sweetest lady EVER. She has a computer and an iPad that we got permission from President Stoker to use. Anyways......

This week was probably the hardest one that I have experienced in my mission. There was one day, Wednesday, where even tracting (AKA "finding") fell through, which is our back up for EVERYTHING. So you know if that falls through, it's not a happy day. So we finally found a less active that we could meet with at the end of the day and I totally had an anxiety attack during and after that appointment which was super weird and annoying. But it's all good. We went into the apartment and I chilled out so that's good. 

Jackie is doing amazing. I just love her to death. We went  to visit with her Saturday and her brother and mom from Virginia were there they used to meet with the missionaries down there, but don't anymore. But anyways, when we were there, they decided to be a sort of the lesson and Jackie asked her brother if he wanted to pray. He said, "well I'm not very good and I wouldn't know what to say and I don't know how." To which she said, " Ok! I will do it for the opening prayer and I will show you how and then teach you and then you can do the closing prayer ok?" IT WAS SO SO SO AWESOME. Why? Well because she has had the hardest time praying in front of us!!!!!! So for her to say the prayer and TEACH someone how to and be totally excited about it was a HUGE step for her. Sister DellaSilva and I couldn't stop smiling. So to get her ready for baptism, we were able to teach her tithing. And after the lesson, her mom and brother had a few questions which she was able to answer and was so so happy to answer. It was the cutest thing and it was defiantly one of the highlights of my week. Unfortunately, church got canceled yesterday, due to the storm that never came (grrrrrrrrr...... It took "an unexpected turn out to sea".) and she needed to go to church in order to be able to be baptized on the 28th, so we had to push it back. :(:(:(:(:(:(. Which made us super super sad. But it is all good. 

We taught Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We pulled up to his house and he was working on his car and he was like, "yeah! Come on in!" We were kind of in shock but came in anyways. We taught him the Restoration and he had a lot of really good questions. When we were teaching the First Vision, the spirit was so so strong. It was amazing.  We asked if we could come back and he said we could, so updates to come :):):):) 

New missionary traing was fantastic. I was able to see what I can improve on and learned new things and felt 100% renewed from it. We left at about 4 on Friday with Elder Gilbert and Elder Wallentine and we stopped in Portland for dinner. We went into the Maine Mall and while we were standing in line, this Hispanic  man came up to us and said, "Hello Seesters." With this huge grin on his face. I think that's one of my favorite things about being a missionary: random people come up to you and say hello. Anyways we talked to him for awhile and that was sweet. He was a member there in Portland. We didn't get into the mission home tile about 9:30. The next day we left at 4 and got home around 10. It was way good to see everyone again but it was good. 

We went on a few "adventures" this week. We got stuck on a little backroad and there was no one around except for a few tree cutters off in the distance. After about 30 minutes, one of them finally noticed and came to pull us out. And then on our way here, ther wind had blown so bad that there were SERIOUS drifts on this backroad and we had to push the snow out of the way to get through. And it was 11 F so it was stinking cold and the wind was at about 50 MPH so whatever that windchill is...... That was awesome.

So one thing that I wanted to share was a scripture I read in my personal study was in Helaman 14. It reads, "They are striving with UNWEARIED DILIGENCE that they may bring the remainder of their brethren to the knowledge of the truth." Holy cow I love that. I love that phrase: unwearied diligence. Can we make that a family motto? Because it is sweet. Everytime it was hard this week I just repeated to myself "unwearied diligence.Unwearied diligence. Unwearied diligence." It was super awesome. 

Another little nugget of truth that I was insired on was that repentance is a key part to our salvation, so we should make it a priority to repent daily. 

I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I have come to know that more than anything else. Also that Joseoh Smith was a prophet. I always believed that, but I never KNEW that. I have grown such a love for him and his unwearied diligence in being an instrument in the Lord's hand to bring about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Go forth with unwearied diligence.

Sistah Sewell

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