February 09, 2015

Email No.4


Ok first let me clear the air. That food thing was NOT me. That is disgusting. I threw that habit a while ago. Hahahha but that is funny. And the pajama thing. So it wasn'e everyone that was in pajamas... just some of the Elders and Sisters who hadn't gotten in the shower yet, who was pretty much everyone. BUT/ I wore the pajamas that has a blue top and then the flowery bottems which are from Nordstrom Rack I think. Anyways. I have had several sisters ask me why my pajamas always match and I respond by saying "I LOVE PAJAMA SETS!!!!" Most of them just look at me funny. Hahahahaha what evvvvs.

Jackie DID come to church yesterday!!! It was an amazing spiritual experience. Her husband is a less active and is working to baptize her. They super want to go to the temple and I almost cried when they said that. Amazing miracles are happening for this family.

So we dropped by Katie's house and her kids were sick so we couldn't meet, but she said that she and her husband were talking about going to a church with their family and they said that it was super important and they wanted to have our "advice". Ha. Ha. Ha. Advice: THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!! I love this gospel. Man. It is just so wonderful to see people the Lord has prepared to receive the restored gospel. And I am so blessed to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. We dropped by Eric's house, but they couldn't meet with us :( but they wanted us to drop by later!! OH RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND SISTER DELLASILVA SAYS HI. Hahahhha I love her. :) Anyways..... Kelley is needing some prayers right now. Another family is the Hope/Smith family. They are new members and are going through some super rough things right now that remind me of what our family has gone through. We were able to meet with them last night and we were able to share our testimonies, read Mosiah 24 with them as well as watch "Refiner' Fire" along with "Mountains to climb" on Mormon Channel. All I will say is that there were tears shed. And that the Spirit was so so strong.
So since being here I have realized that 40 minutes to drive places is super normal. We spend A LOT of time driving in the middle of no where. It is SWEET. So we get 1200 miles per month. It is sweet. And THANK YOU. We are constantly getting turned around. So yeah. hahah a GPS will be a blessing. :)

As far as staying warm goes.......... ahahahhaahahahahahahhahhahahah!!!!!:) NO. Just kidding. If I layer then I am fine. I never thought I would get to the point where it would be 33 degrees and I would say, "Holy cow!!! it is so nice out!!!!" I am not kidding. it happens all the time. Everyday it is about 0 degrees. We get excited if it is 25. And there is constantly a 15-25 F wind chill here...... yup OH. So Sister Dellasilva got frostbite on her ears!!!!! It was -40 that day and we couldn't drive. So we went to the hospital, which was 30 minutes away at 10:30 at night. And then the other night I totally got sick a threw up super bad, but I am doing better hahahah i don't know why I keep getting sick????

Eating here in Maine is the best. We get fed by members in the branch everynight and sometimes for lunch. There is a lot of soup that is given to us and my body does not like it. ha. ha. ha. anyways. it's awesome. I love the people up here so much. They live so different. And I love it. One thing that is weird is that NO ONE uses their front door. They use their side doors, back doors and garage doors. For example, you would use someones inside garage door before you go to their front door and you would use people's back doors more that anything. It is super weird, but it is awesome. It took a little getting used to:) Goals for this week: hmmmmm. TEACH JACKIE. But we can do it. She likes meeting with us. :)
Next zone conference? No idear. (Mainer language:) ) BUT we have a road trip planned down to New Hampshire with Elder GIlbert and Elder Wallentine this Thursday to go to New Missionary Training. We will stay in the mission home and I am SO EXCITED to see everyone again. Plus I love road trips. It will take about 5 hours and we have permission to stop in Portland for dinner. So I am super looking forward to that. Also, we have a special stake conference with Elder Halstrom in March and then one that is special for my whole mission in Exeter, NH so we will be going down there 2 times after that. And then because of other meetings we will be having a few more road trips this transfer. A LOT of driving happens here in New England.
President's day.... hmmmmmm. I don't know. You may, you may not. IDK.

I love this work. You know how you felt that I would come to know more things about myself on my mission? Well I have. I have grown so much already. I know that this work is true and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for allowing me to learn and grow so much. I have come to see miracles and come to know to truthfulness of this work. I know that Joseph Smith was the prophet of this dispensation and was called of God. I know that Thomas S. Monson leads this Church. I love my Savior. He has become even more my best friend, but more importantly, the leader in this great work. Through Him, I am able to go about this work. I love this gospel. And I love the temple and the blessings that come from it. I love you all :)

Stay true,
Sistah Sewell. :)

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