February 02, 2015

Email No. 3


IM IN NEW HAMPSHIRE REPEAT I AM IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. And it is absolutely GORGEOUS here. lots of snow. I already love it here. The flight was amazing. On our way to Atlanta I sat in between a man from Atlanta coming back from buisness in Salt Lake and guess what?????????????? He went to Temple Square, felt the Spirit and wants to know more about our church!!! So I gave him a Book of Mormon, we talked about temples and what I will do on a mission and he was just blown away!!! So I got his name and phone number and a mormon.org card where I told him that he can find where the nearest temple near him is because he said he wanted to take his family there!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE LORD'S WORK. President and Sister Stoker are amazing and I am doing amazing and I have to go but I love  you all so so much!!! 


Mission Home

Ok. First, questions.

When did you finally leave the MTC?-- Wednesday at 8. I don't even want to talk about it. It was terrible. BUT I am here!!! We finally got here at 11:30 and I was reunited with my very best friends in the world (My district). I miss them so much. It was so crazy how close we got in just 2 weeks. They will for sure be life long friends. I think that was what was so hard. We were spread all over the country and we didn't know where each other were and we were all concerned for each other. Anyways, we ate breakfast together at the mission home in our jammies with President and Sister Stoker and it was a blast. 

Who is your trainer/ companion?  Tell us a little about her… Where she is from…etc. .-- Sister Dellasilva. OHHHHHHH Sister Dellasilva. I love her.  She is from Idaho Falls, Idaho and is on her last 2 transfers of her mission... So I will kill her and she is my mom ( aka I will send her home and she was my trainer lollzzzz mission jokes.) She is the most humble person I have ever met. She is the most perfectest (I know that isn't a word, it's made up. Missed that haven't you ;) ) trainer I could have ever asked for. She is humble enough to recognize that she doesn't know everything, but bold enough to tell me what I can do bettter. I love it. :)

WHERE ARE YOU SERVING???  What is your new address… Or does everything go through the mission home?-- I am in the Dover- Foxcroft Branch, residing in a tiny little town in Maine called Milo. My area is the most northern in the mission and also the biggest. To get across the whole things it takes about 2 1/2 hours. It is so so so different from Mesa but I love it. There is one convienece store and a tiny little "downtown", meaning it is just more buildings (9) put together instead of spread out. Hahahah its awesome. You could send it to the mission home, but since we are 4 1/2 hours away from the mission home, I wouldn't get it for weeks. SO!!..... my address is 111 Riverside Rd Milo, ME 04463. Since it is so north, it is freezing. Hahahaha we served on a cow farm at 5-7:45pm onm Saturday in the middle of nowhere and it was 0 degress with a 20 degree wind chill. Mom, you know how I said I want to marry a farmer a long time ago?? Well never mind. It is 24/7 work and cows smell. But I got to feed a baby calf from a bottle and that was so so fun. I know I am making it sound like I didn't enjoy, but I really did and we do that most Saturdays. It is so sweet. I love it. But when we were driving back it was crazy cold and crazy snowy.While we were on the farm, there was about 8 foot snow banks all around. It snowed a ton last Tuesday, 8 inches on Friday, a couple more on Saturday, it has already snowed 3 inches today and is still snowing really hard with wind, and it is supposed to snow til tomorrow and then again all day Thursday and Friday and that is supposed to be about 18 inches. It is NUTS. Everyone hear hates it but I love it and every time I say that I am so excited for it to snow they just laugh, ask where I am from, and them laugh even harder when I tell them. They all say I must be freezing, and I am, but I love it. Milo, ME is the sweetest place I have ever been. There are a ton of old homes. OH! Our area covers a ton of other towns like Corinth (love that place), CHarleston, but all of them are tiny. Where I live is called the "Boonies", which Sister Dellasilva told me means that there are more deer than people. hahahhaha. she laughed when I said I didn't know what that meant. She laughs a lot at what I say because I know NOTHING. But it is all good natured. There are us two sisters serving in the branch and then two elders. One is Elder Gilbert who has 3 transfers left, who is our district leader and then Elder Wallentine who was in the MTC with me, but not in my district, but he is such a nice guy. The Branch president, President Clukey (Pronounced CLOOKEE) is a way funny guy, but more importantly, understand the relationship we as missionaries have with him. He says we walk together as equals.

Who are you teaching now?-- Oh man. So many people. I will tell you who I actually met. There is Kelly who is less active and she is awesome I love her so so much. Then there was Jackie yesterday. Wowza. So I extended the invitation to be baptized yesterday and she said she would!!!!!! So we are planning for Febuary 28th!! She has not been to church and so she needs to before she can so please please pray for her so that she can make it to church. It is so hard for people to go to church here since it is so far away. So while we were tracting yesteray we net 6 Potential Investigators!!!!!!!!! It was truly a miracle. Two names that I would love you to pray for are Eric, who has a young family and then Katie, who also has a young family. They really wanted to hear more!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! I love the gospel!!!!!!!!!!

How was your first Sabbath in the field?-- It was the most spiritually uplifting Sabbath I ever had in my whole life. I loved it. I got to teach primary and that was fun. There were probably maybe 60 people there which is actually huge!! Best sunday EVER. 

When do you get up each day? --- 6:30 AM bright and early!! So it is too cold to run outside, so we do a thing called "apartment laps". Hahaha. So our apartment was in need of some work, but we did a good "Ann Sewell" cleaning today and it was aweomse. OH!! Our apartment is SICK. It is in a barn. WHAT. So there is a garage beneath us and then we walk up some sketchy stairs to get to ther apartment. It is sweet I love it. Oh and since there is so much snow and dirt roads, my area gets a Jeep Compass. It is LEGIT. I love it. And I love being cold.

Did everything arrive at the mission home that we sent to you?  Was it all in “one piece” ?-- Yes it did! Other than that I'm all set!! (Mainer phrase ;) )

Anyways, I love you all!! Stay faithful!!!!!
Sister Sewell. (Mainer pronunciation: Sistah Sooowell)

*PS from Grace when I asked her if she was still sick from the MTC.

Still sick. My nose is disgusting. SO hahaha our cars got "grounded" for today (meaning there is too much of a storm to drive so we have to walk if we want to go anywhere.0 so we hiked a couple of miles to even email you. but it was so cold out side that all the snot got frozen so my nose didn't run!! haahah that's a positive!!!!!!! but my eyes got frozen shut when we finally got to the library. but now it is snowing an blowing even harder so we think we will have to cancel everything else but we will still have to walk the couple miles back to the apartment. :l sooooooooo frozen face again. I think my companion has frost bite on her ear. it is super swollen, do you know naything about that?

My Apartment

View out of our apartment

We live above the barn

Beautiful "downtown" Milo, ME

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