January 26, 2015

Email No. 2

*Grace was scheduled to fly to New Hampshire on Monday Morning, January 26th.  We received a phone call from her while at the SLC airport, letting us know that her flight had been cancelled due to "the storm of the century" hitting New England, and she was on her way back to the MTC.  She called us again on Tuesday morning from the airport.  We visited for a few minutes, when her phone went dead.  This is the e-mail we received later that day.

Guess who's back at the MTC?? this chick. i am not going to be very enthusiastic because i'm almost positive I have bronchitis. 

So today was a little rough. But let me start from yesterday morning at 2am.... So we woke up ready to embark on our journey to Manchester!!! We went to the travel office @ 3 am and got to the SLC airport at 4am. The counters didn't open til 4:45am so we waited for awhile. When we were checking in, they told us our flight had been canceled.... so after waiting for the bus for 2 hours we finally got back to the MTC. They then instructed us (there were 16 going to our mission) to get our keys and return to our old residence. So we did. They let us sleep in til lunch and then told us to get on a schedule after that. So that brings us to this morning... Same thing. Woke up at 2am. Got to airport at 4am. We went to go check in only to find out that all of us were split up into 3 different flight patterns. 7 were going to leave at 7am, go to Detroit, then to Atlanta, then to Manchester. 2 were going to leave for Atlanta at 9 then fly from there to Manchester. The last 7 (I was in this group) were going to wait 10 hours in the airport for our 2pm flight to Atlanta. We were all 16 o us going to go on the same flight to Manchester. So. The 7 am left... All is good. No cancellation. We wait for 5 hours when we see the 2 elders who wee supposed to have left at 9 come up to us. They told us that their flight had been canceled, along with ours, and that we needed to leave right then to catch the Tracks to the Front runner down to Provo where we would be picked up. Due to time, we were not able to get our luggage, so all 9 of us only have our carry ons. The 7 others are stranded, who knows where, because we don't think that they were able to land in Detroit due to the storm. If they DID land, they would be stuck there for at least 24 hours. So........... with out luggage we came back to the MTC, exhausted, but our Spirits were high. At least mine was. Sister O'Bryant and I sang "Come, Come Ye Saints" which fit our situation perfectly. We decided that the Lord must have something great in store for us because it just seems that it is not the time to fly out. 

Positive Points:
1. We got to meet with Leah again last night.
2. We get to go to the Tuesday Night devotional where there will be a general authority. 
3. I don't have to shower because I don't have any tolietrees. 
4. I don't have to pick out an outfit because the only clothes I have are on my body. 

So we are to go to the airport again tomorrow and see if we can even go out tomorrow. The plan is just to keep getting up at 2am until we get there... Stand by:) 

I have learned that the Lord works in mysterious ways and that the Lord is so so aware of our lives. 

Love you all. Stay Strong and stay POSITITVE. 

Sister Sewell 

UPDATE: no voice. got permission to go to bed early from branch president. have frontrunner ticket for 9:00 in the morning up to airport. may talk to you tomorrow. dont really know. flight scheduled for going to atlanta at 2. might get stuck there. branch president said not to plan on going tomorrow because the storm is still raging. probably will be here til friday. still don't have luggage. went to the temple. did a session. came out and we saw the most gorgeous sunset ever falling over the lake and mountains. made me cry. still feel crappy. dayquil has stopped working. slept during devotional. SPIRITS STILL HIGH. don't know what is going on at home, but i hope all is well. give emma a kiss for me. and tommy. really just everyone. ok. im going to bed. goodnight. love you all. 

Riding the FrontRunner train back and forth between the MTC and airport

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