May 11, 2015

Email No. 17

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This week was definitely one of the best, if not the best on my mission so far.
First off, It was wonderful to talk and see all of you yesterday. I realized later that I pretty much didn't stop talking the whole time and got distracted a lot, so.... apologies.
Well.... I will just start telling you about my week. Hopefully it doesn't sound too spazy....

Last p-day we found this super legit thrift store. I got three mugs, a pair of earrings, a pair of shoes, and an old set of Mormon Tabernacle Choir records all for $3. It was awesome. One of the mugs has goats on it and the reason I got that one is because I am pretty sure I am a goat whisperer. Every time I see a goat, I bleat, and it bleats back!!!! It is pretty cool. So yeah. I speak goat! Talk about the gift of tongues. Also, I found a Harry Potter tapestry for $4, so it is now hanging above my bed.
Crazy story. Well. We were tracting up in Brownville this week. Oh wait. Details.... So all in New England, homes have covered porches that have walls and windows and what not. Anyhow. Well we went into this person's covered porch and knocked on their door and they weren't there so when we turned to go out, there was a giant wasp right on the handle to the screen door. I started freaking out because I was 1000% sure this was the end of my life. We had absolutely no way to get out of their porch. So Sister Duncan found a garden glove, put it on, and when she went to open the door, it flew right at her, so I started screaming and flaying my arms around and eventually it landed right back on the handle. So we watched it for a few minutes and then eventually it went a little bit onto the door frame. We counted to three and then bolted out of the porch. It was a good thing no one was around because it totally looked like we had just robbed their house or something.
Well I told you how I found big foot's son. So there. That was cool. Also, John Lennon and Yoko-Ono. So yup. They reside in Maine.
So you know how you picked up the computer yesterday to bring me around? Well I was thinking about that in the shower this morning and I started laughing because I totally should have started saying ,"Shake me up Judy!!!" Lolz. I am a funny one.
Also, we went over the Brother Bissell's on Saturday for coordination and he gave both Sister Duncan and I flowers for Mother's day! It was so kind.
Okay now onto why this week was so spectacular:
Yesterday, we went over to an old woman's house that we tracted into, Trelba. She isn't interested in to church, but we felt prompted to visit her. We talked with her for a while and when we were leaving she said, "Girls, I was having a pretty terrible Mother's day, but you just made it!" It was so cute. She told us that she didn't agree with everything we believed in, but that she did want us to come back because she was so impressed with us and wanted to know more of why we do what we do. 

I told you a little bit about Mike yesterday. Well, I forgot to tell you that he totally gave the opening prayer on our first meeting, too. Man he is just so prepared. He kept saying "I'm going to get baptized! I'm going to get baptized. I just want to know what I am getting into and that I have truly changed."  He is just so awesome.
We also met with Theresa this week. She is a less active, but is now coming back. She is so awesome. She has a lot of health issues. Well, every time we have ever invited her to come to church, she has something that has come in the way. Well, when we met with her this past week, she said to us, "Girls. I have been praying and I just need to go to church. I have missed it so much. And no matter how uncomfortable I am, I will be going." And she did! Man! It was so so awesome to see her there! It is so cool to see the light of Christ grow inside of these people that we are teaching.
Last Sunday, we got a call from one of the members inviting us over for a barbeque. We showed up and their daughter (20) was there with her new born and her boyfriend. Along with their other less active daughter and her boyfriend. When we shared a message, their daughter who has a child was just looking at us so intently and so meaningfully. You could just see that she was feeling the Spirit. It was so cool. Again, seeing that Light of Christ grow is one of the most amazing things to see. :)
Also, we met with a less active, Cindy, this week. We had never met with her before and when we came to her house, her boyfriend was there with her, Craig. He was so sweet and we read from the Book of Mormon. He seemed to into the lesson and at the end, we invited both of them to church and to the Book of Mormon class on Tuesday. And guess what? They both came to church. AND! Cindy bore her testimony. It was so heart felt and the Spirit was so strong. Hopefully they will come to the class on Tuesday.
Also, in testimony meeting yesterday, one of the people the elders are teaching who has a baptismal date, bore his testimony. His wife is a less active who is coming back. It was so so cool to see the Spirit move this man to get up. He was wearing a blue shirt and when he was up there he was saying how excited he was to get baptized so he could "change the color of the shirt [he] wears to church." It was hilarious.
I know I have talked a lot about yesterday's testimony meeting. I have to say. It was one of the best testimony meetings I have ever been to. It seemed as though the whole room was a glow. It was spectacular.
Well. Here is something that I have realized: everything I have read connects back to missionary work. Every hymn we sing, every scripture I read (I'll be watching you... No I'm just kidding:) ) can relate back to missionary work. Why? Because this gospel is a missionary gospel. In Doctrine and Covenants 88:77 we read, "And give unto you commandment that you shall teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom." We are commanded to preach the gospel! You don't need to have a missionary name tag to share what you believe. We can share it by first living it.
I love this gospel and I love being a missionary. And I love you all! :)
Sister Sewell :) 

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