May 18, 2015

Email No. 18

So I didn't write much on my post-it note so I totally forgot the majority of what we did. But one really funny story that I have involves a pigeon named Whelma. So we were sitting in one of the less active we teach, Papa John's garage. We were just closing up the lesson (bearing testimony) and we heard this flapping behind us. So we turned and there was this pigeon just sitting on the car. Quick back detail: Sister Duncan is PETRIFIED of birds. So anyways. We turned and next thing we know this bird comes and flies onto Sister Duncan's back/shoulder and she immediately goes into fetal position. I was dying laughing. So Papa John lost it and picked up the bird and put it on his shoulder. He told us, "Oh! This is just Whelma! The neighborhood pigeon! She knows everybody!" You know you live in a small town when everybody knows a pigeon and the pigeon knows everybody, too. Man oh man it was funny. Come to find out the next day that Whelma, is our investigator, Mike's pigeon. He told us he rescued it about 8 years ago from under a bridge and ever since then they have been best friends. Also, Papa John is one of the funniest people on the planet. This one lesson, Sister Duncan was bearing her testimony and he just trows back his head and says, "Wow! I am feeling the Holy Spirit! That's nice." I almost lost it. Just to clarify, he is the same one who believes he has a personal mission at the baptist church. He is the coolest/funniest man I have ever met.
We were also able to visit Theresa. She really really wants to go to the temple. It was so cool. THis is a woman who about two weeks ago wasn't 100% willing to make the sacrifice to go to church. Never mind the 5 hour drive to the temple! Wow. It was so cool to see.
This week is going to be a good one. Tomorrow we are leaving to go to Newport for interviews and then we will do a service project down there. After which we will leave for Exeter, New Hampshire where we will be staying the night for the following day's iPad training!! Woot woot! So pumped! We will be staying in New Hampshire the majority of Wednesday then head back on up to Milo. It is going to be sweet.
So this past week I have been doing a study on virtue. One verse that really stuck out to me was Doctrine and Covenants 38:24 "And let every man esteem his brother as himself, and practice virtue and holiness before me." Two things that really stuck out to me as I pondered this scripture: 1. If we are virtuous, we will serve our fellowmen. and 2. we will not hide from the Lord. Let me expand on that one. I have been reading in Ether and it talks about how the secret combinations work in, well, secret. And then over and over again it is testified that the Lord does not work in secret. And I never really understood the significance of that until this week. When we are virtuous, we are not hiding before the Lord. We are willing to bring our whole selves (including our imperfections) to the Lord. THEN we will be virtuous. I love this gospel and I love the scriptures.
Sister Sewell

Because it was $4. 

This was the graveyard by John Lennon and Yoko-Ono's house. These aren't even the oldest/biggest grave yards!!!

Our cute little Dover chapel. 

When I walked outside and saw the sunset I was 99% sure the Second coming was here. 

The Milo graveyard!

Tracting in the Boonies. LOOK AT ALL THE HOUSES.

Awkward selfie because I am awkward and because that awkwardness has been exponentially increased since being on a mission. 


Again. Must I emphasize how awkward I am.

Because I can. 

Look at my pretty shoes! (ignore the glowing, white skin. I am pretty much celestial) 

Awkward companion picture. 

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