June 01, 2015

Email No. 20


What is the sad news you ask? Sister Duncan is being transferred. I
had such a hard time with it. We were talking about what we thought
was going to happen and we thought for sure that I was the one being
transferred since I had been here for 4 1/2 months (WHAT.) So when
President Stoker called and told us that Sister Duncan was leaving our
jaws dropped. I almost cried. It made me so so sad. But it is okay!
The Lord ALWAYS has better plans for us than we have for ourselves.
That I know.

I also realized that by the end of this upcoming transfer, I will have
been out for 6 months!!!!!! That is one third of my mission. I am
freaking out!!! It is going by WAY too fast.

So this past week started off absolutely fabulous. We met with some of
my favorite people: the Picott's. Man oh man. They are some less
actives that we are working with and she is just a doll. I am pretty
sure I have told you all about them before. She is reading from the
Book of Mormon and you can just see the light of Christ grow within
her. Ah! It is so awesome!

Holy cow! It rains a ton here. I love it. Truly I do. It stays pretty
cool temperature . Except when it stops. It gets super humid. I pretty
much have a mini Afro. I look great is what I'm really saying.

So I almost got eaten by a bear. I joke you not. We were tracting in
the middle of no where (what else is new.) and it was raining and both
Sister Duncan and I looked at each other and we both said, "did you
just feel like we should turn around?" And right when we turned around
I had image of black bears flash through my mind. Later that night,
Sister Duncan said to me, "I think the reason we turned around on that
road was because there was a bear." So yes. I testify that the Lord
protects us from harm.

Also, we visited Sister Michaud. She is a less active who has a lot of
health issues. We dropped by and she was not feeling well at the time.
So we said we could drop by later. We had a lesson plan, but it was
very clear to us that that I not what we were supposed to do. We
instead bore testimony of the enabling power of the Atonement. The
Spirit was so strong and we all were about to cry. It was awesome.

One thing I want to bear testimony of is of the Book of Mormon. I know
beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is true. I mean, how can it not be
true? The Spirit bears witness of its truthfulness every time I read
it. The feelings are so strong and undeniable.

I love this gospel and I love my Savior.

Sistah Sewell

*Grace has always loved taking pictures & now that she has an iPad we receive so many from her!  The beautiful nature pictures are from her area that she is currently serving in... Beautiful scenery she experiences every day!

Adventures with Sister Duncan

Sister Duncan didn't want to pack.

It's the dang apocalypse.

Attractive selfie made possible by me.

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