June 08, 2015

Email No. 21

Holy cow family! What a great week!

Well, I will first start off with introducing my new companion: Sister
Maxwell! She is just incredible. She has such a strong desire to serve
the Lord and is incredibly diligent. I have been so blessed when it
comes to companions. We are working super hard and are seeing miracles
as a result of it.

On Monday we went over to the Picott's (as per usual) so that Sister
Duncan could say goodbye to them. Sister Picott has changed so much
and her light within has grown so much. After "reporting" what she
learned from her reading, she said, with much enthusiasm, "I am
learning things and it is so exciting!!!" She is just awesome. Also,
when we were getting ready to leave, she said, "all these years I have
been a Mormon, and I have never read the book. No one had ever taken
the time to sit down and help me. His is just so amazing." Then
Brother Picott said, "I'm not even Mormon and I am reading it! This is
crazy!" Wow. What an incredible miracle.

Most of the miracles happened at church yesterday:

1. There is a less active girl who is our age who recently had a
child. Through a series of events, I met her about a month and a half
ago. When we first met her, we shared a message and you could just
tell that the Spirit was touching her deeply. She has not been to
church the whole time I have been here. Well, guess what? SHE CAME
YESTERDAY.  Man! Miracles, am I right??

2. There also was a young man, who struggles, and he got up to bear
his testimony. He simply walked up said, "I know that God lives. He
loves every single one of his children. In the name of Jesus Christ,
amen." It was simple, yet so powerful. I looked over at his parents
and they were just beaming.

This past weekend there was a Special Olympics the happened Orono at
the college. A bunch of youth from our stake volunteered there and
wore the yellow, Helping Hands vests. Anyways, there was a young woman
leader, Sister Small, who went to help as well. So she was wearing a
necklace that had silver fiddleheads all over it (a fiddlehead is the
top part of a fern when it is first sprouting up. People in New
England eat them every year). So she was standing in line for Dunkin'
Donuts and a man standing behind her said, "is your necklace the tree
of life?" She said no, to which he responded, "oh! I thought it was
the tree of life because I saw 'Christ' on your vest and just thought
that that is what your necklace was!" I love this story because it
illustrated that no matter where you are, you are being watched. Stand
as a witness!

Also here is something that a sister in the branch said yesterday that
I just LOVE: "Satan is busy, but so is the Lord." It is so true! The
Lord's work is hastening and no force on earth can stop it. Now, more
than ever, we need to stand firm in our beliefs. We are being attacked
on all sides, but if we stand with the Savior, we cannot, and will not
falter or fail or fall. To those who are strong in their testimony:
Continue on. Say close to the Savior. Never fail to do the basics
(pray, study the Book of Mormon as well as other scriptures, and go to
church). To those who are falling away: remember the feelings of when
you were first introduced to the church. Those feelings are eternal
and the negative feelings you are experiencing are just a small
moment. Remember to "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."
Also, "When adversity comes, don’t let something you don’t fully
understand unravel everything you do know." Stay strong.

The Savior lives. He loves you each individually. Don't falter. Keep the faith.

Sister Sewell

I take good pictures.

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