October 12, 2015

Email No. 39


Time is a real thing. So. I don't have a lot of time. But, a few highlights of the week!

1. Keri is amazing. We taught her this past week and we invited her tobe baptized on November 7, 2015. Before we could even finish the question, she was fervently nodding her head and saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" It was awesome. I knew that the Lord has prepared her and that she is coming closer to our Heavenly Father because of this. She sent us a text saying "Is it unusual to have church withdrawals and you've only been once?" She loves this gospel and wants to be apart of His
church more than anyone else I've ever seen.

2. Bernie was interviewed and will be being baptized on Ocober 24, 2015!!!!!!! We are so ridiculously excited.

I love this gospel. And I love my Savior. I have come to realize on my mission that being happy is totally up to us. And we can rise above challenges and struggles and trials with the Lord's help. 
I am so sorry this is so short! I love you all!

Sister Sewell

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