October 27, 2015

Email No. 41

I would like to preface this email by saying that I am sick. WARNING: things said in this email may not be what I really think. 

Well another week down. Don't know how I feel about it. The only quote that keeps coming to mind is from Hannah Montana: "Life's what you make it, so let's make it rock." 

This week was phenomenal. I think the real highlight was that BERNIE DONE GOT BAPTIZED. Amazing amazing amazing. He told us that he wants to come up laughing and sure enough he did. There is truly nothing better than watching someone you have come to love make sacred covenants with the Lord. You've seen them struggle to understand truths and to build their testimonies. But you've also seen their eyes light up when they feel and know what they have been taught is true. There is truly nothing better, I love teaching people the gospel because I love to watch people, through the Holy Ghost come to know for themselves that this church is true. Right after Bernie was confirmed, I looked around and almost everyone in the congregation was crying and President Riggs got up and said anyone who has had a 30 second conversation with Bernie can't help but love him. And it's true. Everybody should know Bernie. 

This past week, Sister Hoopes and I have really been focusing on using every minute that the Lord has given us and he it to its fullness. That included dropping almost all of our investigators. Which is sad, but we felt very strongly that the Lord will help us to find those that are truly searching. 

We taught Keri and let me just say that she is the most incredible person ever. Last week, we taught her about the law of chastity (absolutely no problem) and tithing (also no problem). We asked if she had prayed about Joseph Smith and she said that she had. She said, "He is a prophet. He could not have done what he did if he wasn't. I know he is a prophet of God." Now. I'm going to let you all know that I lack faith. Really I do. I was thinking about it and I though to myself, Every person I have ever taught has something that comes up that really tries their faith, I wonder what Keri's is? Anyways, last night, we taught her the word of wisdom. We explained what it was and she said, "Oh. I have to drink black tea." I instantly thought, Great! There is is! Oh ye of lite faith am I right? She went on to say, "But. I am willing to live it. God knows what is best for me so I will do it. It's an opportunity for my faith to grow." What. She is amazing. 

Well. As always. I never have enough time. I love you all. Keep the faith and remember who you are. 

Sister Grace Sewell 

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